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About Radio 247

You have made a good choice to stop by and tune into our  Station as we believe that listeners want the great tunes you hear on a commercial station but without any of the adds and interuptions of news and weather reports. Even when our DJ's go live there is no interuptions maybe the odd one or two requests made to our listeners thats it. So join us now and tune in  for a great experiance and  enjoy the tunes.
We are Situated in the UK broadcasting on our Europe server.
We have streams in high quality bitrate 320 kbps and a mobile stream of 96 kbps MP3.
So you should be able to hear us on wide varity of platforms.

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What we are about

We play great music 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for most genre


Live DJ'S on certain times

As you will see we have live DJ's who love to share there music


Our Server

We have a Dedicated server streaming at 320 kbps 

Our listeners this month


Our Music

    This is just a collection of our Genre that we play here on Radio247.

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Here is a list of our regular shows appearing on Radio 247


Every Friday Evening (LIVE)

Live show with DJ Jonny C 
Bringing you great House beats on a friday evening to get your weekend off to a great start 2 hrs of House great beats.
On Air at 18:00 - 20:00
Do not miss this great show


Friday  Evenings 

A great sellection of party tracks to dance to on Friday nights leading upto DJ Jonny C's live show.
So if you want a party atmosphere then tune in turn up the sound and leave the rest to Radio 247.


Sunday  Evenings (LIVE)

A great sellection of Nu Disco tracks for you on Sunday nights
 DJ Jonny C's live show taking you on a journy of Disco tunes.
 Your weekend hasent ended yet.


Sunday  Evenings (LIVE)

A great sellection of House vibes.
Brought to you by one of our newset DJ's here on Radio 247
DJ Slicks
Join him and others in the chat room and welcome him aboard. 
Your Sundays will never be the same again.


Monday  Evenings (LIVE)

A great sellection of Trance Progressive tracks for  Monday nights 
So if you  Love your Trance music why not tune in every Monday Evening from 6pm Uk time upto 8 pm with DJ Mattiee B.

Request Time

Why not join in and request a song from our playlist and your track will be played within the next 15 minutes unless there is a live show going on

Meet the DJ's

Bev Carr

DJ Jonny C
Jonny C first found his love of DJ’ing as a teenager after spending many hours listening to pirate radio, which taught him all he needed to know about music and the DJ’s that played it.
In the past he has run his own internet radio station, but now prefers to be sat in the driving seat behind the decks and mic, although he still uses his technical knowledge to assist others when required.
He majors in House & Techno, but is a master of all genres, and certainly plays to his crowd wherever his travels takes him. “I have found gems from the past that go down a storm with an audience of both old and the younger generation,”
He is a stickler for perfection, and truly believes it’s not only the actual music, but that also the sound quality is of equal importance, and always does his best for the ultimate experience of listeners to his shows.

DJ Mattie B
I have only been a DJ for a relatively short period of time. I present shows between rotating working shifts so can be found in different timeslots each week.
i started out as a mobile DJ, but quickly got bitten by the radio bug, and now i have shows on a few stations across the UK and i am building up a following with my versatility of cross genre mixing.
I am one of the new members to Radio 247 and very excited in being the new member of the team.

DJ Slicks
I Started DJing at 14yrs old when my uncle who was a DJ in Devon gave me his old fal set up .
Spent 2yrs playing in the bedroom .. then I had my first big gig 250 people at a wedding party .
From there I done gigs all over devon with my uncle ..
Played in all the major night clubs in devon as well as hotels pubs and mobile partys
Gave up DJing in 1995 as I had a young family after 5yrs was asked to play at a 21st birthday party as the DJ who was booked broke his leg , lol . but saying that we become best of friends and I was DJ at his wedding ..
I still do gigs now playing 60s 70s 80s 90s gigs have been know to play old skool house ,new house and lots more
I am also new to Radio 247 and very excited in being one of the new members of the team.
So if you have a request leave me a message on our web page .

More To come
If you would like to Dj on Radio 247 and you think you got what it takes to entertain the world.
Then please get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of our site.
See our terms and conditions for being a DJ here at Radio 247 HERE

Schedule of live shows

This is the schedule of live shows our DJ's will be on Air, So keep checking regulary.

5th April 2019
18:00 - 20:00

DJ Jonny C

Playing the best in House music for a Friday night to get you in that party mood.

7th April 2019
17:00 - 19:00

DJ  Jonny C

Playing a great mix of Deep House.

7th April 2019
19:00 - 21:00

DJ Slicks

Playing a great mix of  House music.

8th April 2019
18:00 - 20:00

DJ Mattie B

Playing a great mix of Trance Progressive.



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